Joanne Brown is your go-to agent for marketing and selling the estate property.

Losing someone endeared is never easy and the pain is often exasperated by the financial and legal repercussions that death brings. But with Joanne in your corner, the process can be made easier.

She specializes in liquidating the real estate portion of the estate before assets are eaten up by the costs involved in maintaining it.

Joanne and her team can also help facilitate with communication to resolve issues and misunderstandings between heirs and multiple beneficiaries, as well as coordinate in the repairs necessary for the estate home to command top dollar in today's competitive real estate market.

Winding down the earthly affairs of a loved one is a daunting task. Why add the sale of real estate to your list of responsibilities? Alleviate some of the stress by knowing the transaction is handled by a consummate professional that puts your family's needs first.

When you are thinking of selling the estate home, you need to know you have options.

List the estate home and get top dollar from retail buyers.

Joanne will implement a comprehensive marketing plan, exposing the estate property to all markets using various media to sell the property for the highest price the market will bare. This option would be exercised when the property requires little or no repairs.


Sell the estate home for cash in “AS IS” condition and close fast.

An investor can buy the property for cash in “as is” condition and eliminate closing and repair costs. The estate will pay nothing. This may be the best option when the estate home requires major repairs and the heirs need immediate liquidity.


Sadly, many estate properties suffer from neglect, either because the late homeowner was ill or could not maintain it properly..

Joanne can help make the property presentable to retail buyers and thus, move the estate closer to final settlement.


Save time, money and frustration. Contact the probate real estate experts.

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Other than an attorney, your greatest ally is a REALTOR® that understands the nuances of probate, trust and inherited property sales.

Putting your family's needs first, Joanne will listen to your needs, provide you with a fair assessment, and sell the estate home for the most amount of money the market will bear, with the least complications for you and your family.